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15 - 17 junio. " Tango improvisación o el arte de ser si mismo" 
02:32pm 30/05/2011
  El curso único de legendaria Normy Gomez Tomasi "el Tango-improvisación o el arte de ser si mismo".

Подробности о курсе вы можете узнать здесь:

Quick question- 
02:55pm 03/12/2009
  What is your favorite way to teach students the positions of the body (Croisse, efface, ecarte, ect.)?
Please excuse me if my spelling is a bit off.
why this birthday was a good one :) 
07:32am 13/11/2009
  I just thought I'd share this with yall... ok so yesterday was my birthday, and I went and did my regular thing and taught my two classes that I have on thursdays, because honestly I would prefer to go to work rather than stay home on my birthday anyway lol, and well- everybody in my young adults class made me cupcakes! They are so amazing!
I have the best class of people ever, and it's been such a joy teaching them. They even remember my b'day :)

Since I began teaching this year, I have absolutely adored my job every step of the way.
I used to work fast-food but it really wasn't the place for me. Now I'm building the first ballet school in town and I really didn't expect to be living my dream this soon. Being a dance teacher is so great.
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my students are very dependent... help? 
01:30pm 09/11/2009
My students cannot do a combination without me, I have to count the timing for them and do all the combinations with them or else they get confused.
I don't have any time to make individual corrections on the students because the whole class needs me at all times. How can I ease them out of this and help them to work more independently?

They are very good students, and I'm very pleased with their progress but I feel like I've been spoon-feeding them all the information and I am concerned that when it's time for a performance they won't know what to do because they won't have me there to do everything with them, step for step.

Has anybody else had experience with this? Any specific ideas for how to ease them off of watching me for every little move?

Sometimes when I'm trying to explain piruoettes or something to them, they are so busy trying to do it with me that they completely miss what I'm saying.

I guess what I mean is, how can I help work with their memory and teach them to think ahead instead of just following someone else's lead, as they dance?

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09:46pm 27/08/2009
  Hey everyone, I just figured I'd post something to help keep the group fresh.
I've taught dance for two years previously, in my hometown to beginners and I just wanted to let yall know that this year I am going to school to get a BA in certified dance training.
I'm very excited and if anyone has any tips for college I would love to hear them! The curriculum looks like it has some really great information and a LOT for me to learn, so I'm looking forward to being packed with knowledge.
Just thought I'd share my joy with yall!

Also, does anybody know how to find dance studios nearby that are hiring staff?
Where would be a good place to look for this type of job?
first time dance instructor 
08:37pm 10/09/2008
  Hi everyone! I'm in a little bit of a pickle - hopefully someone can assist me. I'm a first-year visual art teacher in an elementary school with extremely limited dance experience. I took a few classes when I was younger, but that was at least ten years ago. Because I have a history in theatre, my principal assumed that I also had a history in dance. So now I'm the sponsor for our after-school modern dance program.

I don't even know where to start! We have a fine arts festival in December that I'm pretty sure I'll have to put on a performance for. I'm hoping that some of the students who try out know something about dance and we can all work together, but I will be getting reviewed for payment so I need to instruct the students each week. Any help I can get about teaching modern dance to pre-teens (ages 10-13) would be so much help!

Thanks in advance!
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Local Dancer's Association 
10:40pm 29/07/2008
  Hi I've been planning for a long time and trying to figure out which direction I'd want to go with my dance experience. I've been a student for about ten years, I just graduated high school, and I quit taking lessons and started teaching in my hometown last year. Well, I enjoyed it, but it wasn't exactly what I was seeking to do. I figured out eventually that what I wanted to do was not solely teach nor to join a company, but something in between. I wanted to get my friends in on dance and most of them who lived nearby had never had an opportunity to take ballet or study dance seriously so they weren't very interested in my teaching lessons because they all had jobs and assumed paying for dance lessons was just out of their reach and privileges like that were for kids who didn't have to support themselves.
So I came to the conclusion that I want to start a company but not quite so money-based. I finally came up with the idea to call it a dance association because it's more to serve the people in my community so they can have an opportunity to study dance and be in perfomances as if they were in a professional company regardless of age, financial status or past experience. I want to offer free classes for anyone, however they could still study at their school of choice. It's just that most of the schools around here, (well, the two schools) only offer classes one day a week. I'd like to offer three for those who want more class time. And I would direct performances for them to be in every four months or so, and generally educate my town about dance because it is such a scarce art around here. I know several people who are very artistic and self-disciplined and would make great dancers, but their circumstances just don't allow it and I'd like to give them a little more dignity than that. Has anybody ever heard of this before?
A dancer's association to promote dance education and dance opportunities for rural areas?
Kacico Dance presents its Annual Repertory Concert 
11:53pm 02/10/2007
Event Info
Kacico Dance presents its Annual Repertory Concert
Maria Tate
Time and Place
Saturday, October 13, 2007
2:00pm - 11:00pm
Folly Theatre
300 W. 12th Street
Kansas City, MO
Contact Info


From www.kacicodance.org
"We are gearing up for our two October 13th performances at the Folly Theater. We are so excited to have Contemporary Dance Fort Worth as our guests bringing their style of contemporary dance to Kansas City. We are collaborating on a dance long distance that will premiere at the Folly, along with our new work, Freedom (of Speech).

The apprentice company performs at 1:30 and 7:30 and a silent auction begins at 6:30pm in the lobby.

And yes, Elton John is performing at the new Sprint Center that same day. So we expect to have anyone and everyone who does not have a ticket to Elton John in our audience at the Folly. Spread the word and help us fill the Folly supporting the arts created here in Kansas City. Note: Parking will be difficult so allow some extra time to get to the Folly."
08:45am 14/06/2007
The Rite of Venus: A Rock Opera
The Rite of Venus: A Rock Opera
Seattle, WA: June 28-30, July 6-8, 2007
Tickets Available NOW!

Something sinister is happening in the temple of love. Aleister Crowley's Kabbalistic play performed as a rock opera with original music by Seattle local Jon Sewell. Richard Hugo House, 1634 11th Avenue, Seattle, WA. June 28-30 and July 6-7 at 8 pm and July 8 at 2 pm. All ages, not recommended for small children. Advance tickets available online through Sunday, June 24. Advance prices: $12-22. Tickets at the door $20-30. For more info, visit our website.
dear colleagues 
02:13pm 26/03/2007
my name is Catherine.
I work in Moscow State theatre "New ballet".
Last year we got the premier of plastic ballet to
Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony.

we'd like to propose a joint project with foreign specialist,
for example we'll invite a choreographer and he (or she) will stage
any ballet he want in our theatre with our troupe.
may be you can come to give some master-classes.
Or there can be other ways of cooperation .
for further information write me:

Thank you in advance.
11:09pm 20/09/2006
  does anyone have advice on how to teach axel turns?  
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01:47pm 14/08/2006
  hello, my name's Anton, i'm from Russia. has anyone here passed the irish ceili teacher exam - TMRF? i have many questions :) or maybe you can prompt me some communities where i can have my questions answered? thanks :)  
04:17pm 04/08/2006
mood: relaxed
Currently in my classes I'm finding my students are having difficulties getting their developpes above 90 degrees. The exception, of course, being in arabesque where they have no trouble at all. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get them to get their legs higher?
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08:04pm 08/05/2006
mood: hopeful

Alright, I have a question for you all from a friend of mine, and any answers and/or advice would be very much appreciated:

If you are considering a career path in ballet, how old is 'too old'? How long should you have been dancing for? And we both assume that just lessons at a local dance studio wouldn't be enough, and would a national ballet school be the only option? If you are 15-almost-sixteen, is it too late to be accepted, and are you too far behind? She has had a bit of training as a young child, but hasn't danced in years, although she is in very excellent physical shape. Remember, this is for National Ballet Company style of thing.

Thanks a lot, and I (and she) wish you all tons of luck and rhythm.

Belly Dance Classes, Nederland, CO 
11:51am 08/03/2006
  Belly Dance Classes, Nederland, CO


Learn more advanced finger cymbal patterns, combinations, layering, performance readiness, and enhance your shimmies and isolation skills.

You'll learn basic concepts, isolations, shimmies, traveling steps, combinations, finger cymbals, and veil.

$75 for 6-week session, preregistration required.

more infoCollapse )

Get your SHIMMY on! Denver 
11:37am 08/03/2006
  A dance party featuring Eastern inspired world beat electronica.
hosted by d.j. bios+a+ic and d.j. bahiya

all ages welcome, $5 cover

Guest dancers Rafi'ah and Jawahir (but this night is about you)

Mercury Cafe, 22nd & California, Denver

:: Help :: 
10:37pm 06/03/2006
mood: crappy
Just how to I talk to one of my students about her weight?

She's really bony, I mean... damn. Tonight she took her shirt off that was over her leotard and when she did a back cambre I saw her ribs... on her back...

I'm so scared for this girl but I don't know how to say it to her. She's 16. Do I talk to her, do I talk to her parents? I just don't know. Having gone through eating disorders myself I cannot let this continue. I don't know what to do. This is such a sensitive area to talk about with them.

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03:30pm 27/12/2005
  I got lots of cards and sweet presents from my students, but this one stood out as a reminder of why I love teaching dance. (This is from a 15 year-old student who has been taking Jazz from me since September).

"Miss Jenn-Even though we have known each other for a short time I want to say thanks for everything. You make dance so fun and exciting. I really like how you treat us as adults but at the same time guide us in the right direction. Thank you and Merry Christmas. Sincerely, M."
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Searching for teacher 
09:38pm 10/11/2005
My name is Maria, I'm from Kiev (Ukraine). Our school is searching for irish dance teacher from Poland or from an other country close to Ukraine for several masterclasses in KIev. Maybe someone could hepl me.
Thank you
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Mommy & Me ....help! 
01:41pm 13/09/2005
  i'm teaching a mommy & me class tomorrow, and i've been so distracted with my other classes that i still haven't got around to making lesson plans. i've taught ages 3-4 before, but never 2-3 & i'm not sure how to work in parent interactions.

has anyone every taught or observed one before? can you tell me how the class should go? anything, really. i'm lost.

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